Not knowing is always more problematic than knowing. Always.

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Use Your Damn Skills


Stuff often comes up in therapy or personal development work that we’re not quite sure how to handle. 

We remember stuff of which we weren’t consciously aware before. 

We come face to face with habits and tendencies we don’t particularly like. 

We realize we have to change patterns and give things up that we can’t IMAGINE changing or giving up. 

Not infrequently, the stuff that comes up during therapy or personal development work is so overwhelming or off-putting that we have no idea what to do about it. We don’t like that it exists; sometimes we can’t imagine how to even go forward with our everyday lives if what we’re discovering is true. 

It only takes one or two brushes against this kind of stuff to want to opt out of therapy or personal growth altogether. 

Very often we’ll have a part of ourselves…

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The tools that get you better, keep you better.

So true with any behaviour, #gethealthyhabits

Use Your Damn Skills


One of the mistakes people make in their recovery is believing they don’t need to have a plan. 

Sometimes, this happens when people are doing well. They think they finally have this depression thing licked, or they think they’re really in control of this PTSD thing, or they think this anxiety thing isn’t as big a deal as they once thought. So they kind of get it in their head that they can just go about their day as if depression, or PTSD, or anxiety wasn’t part of the equation. 

Then, when depressive thinking starts worming its way into their everyday thoughts; or when they start reacting to PTSD triggers; or when they find themselves getting anxious out there in the world, they’re either surprised, upset, or both. 

This happens to a lot of people. It’s not a small subset of people in recovery who struggle with…

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Today is a good day

Today is a good day

Sadie speaking

After years of searching and after years of being misunderstood, this is a blog for anyone interested in real life healing. We both are children of the 60’s, growing up in the Midlands and the North West UK.  As well as being similar in age we both to a greater and lesser degree have been searching to find ourselves, feeling different but not being guided in our early years to the reason why.